Wife as a Partner

Many see a wife as a partner. That is true. She is a partner. But how deep does this partnership go? Your interpretation or opinion determines a vital link in the relationship. Some see her as a temporary employee. If she doesn’t work out, then just replace her. Some see her as a pal without any legal connection to their life and business. Some see her as a slave to take care of the children and do the dishes. And many other such low level options. But I see my wife as a covenant partner.

A covenant partner is a relationship of love and equality throughout the life of the partners. The wife is to submit to her husband in final decisions. Yet the husband is to love his wife enough to give his life and all his possessions in her behalf. The basic needs of the partners are different. The wife needs security, unwavering commitment and love. The husband needs respect and honor. Ignorance of these differences lead to much distress in marriages.

A final thought in this abbreviated response to “partner” is that God is the centerpiece of any truly successful marriage. He is love and empowers the believing partners to truly love and respect each other. So a partner can be on many levels but the greatest is the covenant of love. It is an unchangeable partnership founded a covenant of blood. My wife is my covenant partner in love.

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