Mark 3:2, And they watched him, whether he would heal him on the sabbath day; that they might accuse him.

Gawkers lined the room. People filled the synagogue. It was Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. Many rules were being observed. But Jesus was becoming a problem. The establishment was being shaken. Never a man spoke like this man. He spoke with authority. Ministers were not authoritative. They taught the laws, but demonstrated no power. Jesus was just the opposite. Authority and powerful demonstrations of healing accompanied his words. He even commanded evil spirits and they obeyed him. The populace were beginning to believe in Him. The supernatural powers caused the faith of some to rise. But the scribes and Pharisees were having a hard time finding common ground with Jesus. So, when Jesus taught in such a mixed grouping, He resorted to parables. Some were blessing God and others were saying, “What is he talking about?”


The gawkers, like today’s politicians, were gazing intently, looking for something that they could use to discredit Jesus. Politicians still try any tactic to discredit their opponent. Note that politicians can be at work in your church locally and internationally. I am not referring to people running for some civil government position, though surely that is often in the works. More directly, I speak of church people wrestling for religious power. David did not run for the office of King. Samuel, the prophet, knew he had heard from God. “Go to the house of Jesse and anoint Me a King over Israel, a man after my own heart.” The anointing was done in secret, but the power was unmistakable.


In the nations we need statesmen, not self-serving politicians. In the church, we need men called and anointed by the Holy Spirit. Men and women who preach the undiluted Word of God without fear or favor. Those who see their preaching confirmed with signs following. We must see devil’s cast out and miracles of healing in our everyday walk with God. The powerless church follows a powerless gospel. Those who preach a powerless “gospel” do not truly represent the Jesus of the Bible. He always had a demonstration of the Spirit and power.

And, his words were not politically correct!

But they were power-charged! Let’s change the “pc” movement from politically correct to Power Charged!”

 Virtue corresponds to power. Jesus felt virtue go out of him when the lady touched the hem of his garment. But our leadership today lacks virtue. They are at war with God.


A few years ago, an earthquake rumbled under Washington, DC. Strangely though, two strategic historical buildings, while undamaged at the bottom were significantly damaged at the tops. One, a civil building the other a religious edifice. A prophet said later this indicated stability of the church and nation among the populace. However, there was damaging corruption in the hierarchy of church and state.


Place this event with the politically correct speech being promoted from the top and rammed down the throats of the American citizens. Political correctness always sheaths itself in a cloak of deception. Pompously requiring tolerance of the people for their new agenda, they remain unyieldingly intolerant of any opposing views. HYPOCRITICAL! Any speech against the unyielding liberal agenda is immediately and hatefully labeled “HATE SPEECH.” God’s people are not required to bow to such ungodliness. We are, however, required to RESIST! The early church leaders declared boldly, “Should we obey men rather than God?” They steadfastly resisted and disobeyed ungodly edicts. What is our problem? Is our position more valuable than righteousness? What a man compromises to keep, he will ultimately lose.

Evil abides in our government and church hierarchy. We must not bow to the enemy of our souls.


This parallels the leadership of Jesus’ days on earth. Remember, they crucified him for proclaiming the truth. Those who took up the torch faced the same attacks. THE UNRIGHTEOUSNESS ALWAYS ATTACK THE RIGHTEOUS WITH THE INTENT TO DESTROY! Check out the unrelenting push for “Political Correctness.” What are they doing? Purging Christianity out of our speech and our society. It happened in the first family. Cain murdered his brother, Abel. Why? Because Abel’s deeds were righteous and Cain’s deeds were unrighteous. These evil-minded people have killed the prophets and destroyed the righteous throughout history. They are still at it and the church and citizenry are like ostriches with our heads in the sand. Do not be deceived! It will not stop. It will not go away. We must resist the devil, and God will fight for us. So all we can do and then take an unmovable stand.


In the last days, evil will abound calling evil, good and good evil. We are there! Sexual perversions abound in a godless society. Eventually, God will turn them over to a reprobate mind, then they come out of hiding. They no longer hide in shame. They declare that all the world must bow to their evil ideas and behavior and accept it. Boldness! Scornfulness! Usurping authority and twisting the laws! Hatefully destroying all barriers of righteousness!

This is the enemy coming in like a flood! God says he will raise up a standard against such. But God works through people. He is looking for a man to stand in the gap. Who will go? The prophet said, “Here am I. Send me.” Will we join the resisters?



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