Will God Provide?


Ministers may find their attention diverted from the true source of provision. But God seeks a willing person of faith to obey his command to give. If the first source refuses to heed the instruction, then God goes to the next. Our Father uses men to support the ministry through tithes and offerings, yet He remains the ultimate source of all increase. Knowing this, a man of faith will never beg the congregation to meet his personal needs. Commandments from God for the sustenance of the ministry is scriptural. God has commanded the people to support the ministry. The widow of Zarephath is a good example. God commanded the widow to feed the prophet Elijah.

Arise, get thee to Zarephath, which belongeth to Zidon, and dwell there: behold, I have commanded a widow woman there to sustain thee.”  KJV 1 Kings 17:9

I had an experience where the largest tithers of our church became offended at a word which I gave by the Holy Spirit in a Sunday night service. We had a guest speaker. At the conclusion of the service, the Holy Spirit gave a message in tongues. God followed that with a prophetic word. When I gave that word, men became incensed at the directness of the word. That set off a series of events where I was asked to resign. I went to the overseer and offered to resign. He asked me if I spoke from God. I said, “yes.” He responded, “You will not resign.”

A meeting ensued wherein a brother in the church had been designated as spokesman for the offended members. The overseer took authority over him. He set the entire church under his authority and spoke words of correction to the group. The result was that several families left the congregation and of course took their finances with them.

The smaller congregation that stood fast were loyal. But they were poor people with little in the way of finances. The financial backbone of the church was gone. But God is faithful. Within days, a family began driving from a town forty miles away. They told us that God spoke to their hearts to come. Their tithes and offerings were with them. Almost immediately a couple began driving nearly fifty miles from another town also bringing their tithes and offerings. God brought sustenance from other sources! I describe these people as my “ravens” referring to Elijah by the brook. The ravens having brought provision morning and evening, they supplied for Elijah supernaturally. Never fear. God has his ravens and will always find ways to provide. Ministers must trust God no matter what.


On another occasion and years later, a man called me requesting that my wife and I meet him at a restaurant. God had disturbed his sleep for hours during the previous night. After arriving and cordial greetings, he seated us at the table, paid for our meals, and handed me a roll of cash, several hundreds of dollars. Thus, God displayed another unique manner of provision. Truly, our

Lord has many avenues of provision. Our part is to continue ministering with a servant heart, not looking to men but to God as our provider. He is eternally faithful.

God will faithfully provide all you need!
My wife prayed for protein one day early in our marriage. I was finishing the university and working.
A church lady called her right after the prayer. She brought fish and eggs. Does God provide? Of course, He does.

Our source for the natural needs is our supernatural God.


No pastor needs to fear the voices of dissenters. He should never fear when parishioners express displeasure and when they make threats to you and your ministry. They did not give you your ministry and certainly cannot take away what God has endowed. If you are being tested, remain steadfast in your faith, and do not blame God. Search your heart for pride or anything the enemy can use for a “foothold” into your life. Be clean and clear but never fear.

The pastor is not obligated to quake in his boots when members shake the tithe in his face and say they are sending their support to another ministry. I had a church member challenge me in the church building one evening with that exact threat. But God provided much more through another source. I had no need to fear, and God showed His grace was greater than ungodly threats toward me.