Learning by Revelation


Humanists claim to be superior to all and are their own god. Here are some things to compare. Humanly intellectual superiority does not include physical superiority. Humanists use faulty arguments to discredit God. But when you think about it, even animals have areas of superiority.

If one can acknowledge this, then why shut out the possibility of the supernatural? The superior physical acumen of animals should be indicators that there may be unseen elements of life that are also superior to human intelligence. There are beings in the natural world that are superior to humans in particular areas.

The dog smells scents imperceptible to the nose of man.

Dog on Bilton Green by Stephen McKay is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Check out the natural world of creatures. Selectively, animals outperform humans. For example, a dog hears pitches that men cannot hear having hearing that is superior to human hearing. The dog smells scents imperceptible to the nose of man. The eagle sees things better than men. Cheetahs outrun even the fastest man. Fish out-swim, birds out-fly, and monkeys out-climb men. Animals do things naturally and easily that men struggle to do or to comprehend. This is selective animal superiority. Animals are superior to human beings in specific and selective abilities and skills. Tightwire walkers are admired for balancing skills but a squirrel can run circles around them on the tightwires.

There is a whole body of knowledge, far greater than the human eye can see, the ear can hear, the legs can run, the body can perform, and their humanity can comprehend. If this is factual on a natural level, is there also unseen superiority? I submit that there is a method of learning far superior to human reasoning and research. These “high-faluting” intellectuals willingly discredit the unseen Creator whose works they truly cannot deny.

The fear of God, that is respect for God, is the beginning of wisdom and resulting knowledge. True knowledge comes only by spiritual revelation, spirit to spirit, from God to man. All other knowledge is temporal and comes by the reasoning of human minds and things learned by the five senses.

Truth is eternal and never changes. Man’s knowledge is fact based and will change. So, facts can change but truth cannot change. Yet the scientific, God-defying men, choose only the natural way of learning.

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