Insights from the Gospel of Mark

The parables of Jesus are remarkable parallel teachings. What are parables? What is the purpose of speaking with parables? The greatest teacher of all times is Jesus. The Holy Spirit, the spirit of Jesus the Christ, is our teacher also. With that in mind, we can approach the teachings of Jesus and understanding the parables.

Mark records many parables of Jesus but does not give the “interpretation” of most of them. How can we expect to understand them? In a sense, all people can readily understand parables because that is the first step of parable use. Parables are stories told using subject matter with which all its hearers can readily identify. The problem then begins with the next step. Parables are using a natural subject to teach a spiritual concept. The spiritual concept is where the dividing of the population occurs. Wouldn’t it be great to know how to interpret all the parables of Jesus?

Great insights can be learned from the early chapters of the Gospel of Saint Mark. We begin with chapter four where Jesus teaches his disciples privately about the foundational parable. If you can understand this one, then you are on the right  road to understanding all the parables. If you are interested, let us begin to post some succeeding information over the next few days. Share a like or comment when you are onboard.

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